New EP, GD And Violent World

As some of you know our new EP is out right now. I was surprised to see that we’ve been featured in a local newspaper (Gefle Dagblad).  Didn’t expect that but I really appreciate it. So what do we do next?

Countdown to the release of the acoustic version of Violent World on December 7th. The people I’ve played the song for had a hard time to decide which version they liked the most. Let me hear what you think when it’s out, would love to hear your opinion.

Check out the EP below and remember to Follow us (really important for bands these days)

William Ember

1 Day Until Release

There’s only one day left now until our new EP gets released. It took about a year to write and record and I’m really proud of it. What I find really interesting about it is how many genres we blend from start to finish. It’s synth pop mixed with punk rock, a 50’s love ballad that sounds like it’s been run through a shitty cassette player. Several songs got an aggressive electronic style that we have never done before. The whole EP is pretty different from what we have done before and I think, and hope, that every release we make will be this adventurous and full of emotion. Whether it’s aggressive, sad or .

I hope you’ll enjoy the new songs and hopefully we’ll have some more news coming up soon regarding shows. One thing I do know is that we have got something special that will be released a month from now.

William Ember

Nothing COVER

The First Entry

I’ve decided to start a blog to talk a bit about what goes on behind the scenes. I’ll post updates about what we’re up to and dig deeper into what our music or artwork is really all about. Right now I’m editing a video for a song that we have never played live before. I recorded it with an acoustic guitar and I got the idea to do it acoustic 10 minutes before shooting the video so it was definitely a thing of the moment. I got some more songs recorded as well and the idea I had was to put them all in a playlist on Youtube for you to enjoy as our very first acoustic show.
I’ve been wanting to do some acoustic shows live before but I ended up putting that time into making our new EP (Nothing) that will be out November 9th.

I’ll be back with some more updates soon and I hope you will enjoy the new video.

William Ember